Undivided Heart – farewell to the blog tour!

Hello! Today is the final day of the Undivided Heart blog tour and I hope you've enjoyed visiting some different blogs. Today Mandy Johnson reviews the book over at her blog - read her post by clicking here. Mandy describes her blog as 'a mish-mash of testimony-type posts, devotional stuff and book reviews'.  Do take … Continue reading Undivided Heart – farewell to the blog tour!


Undivided Heart – day 7

Not staying long today - getting ready for the launch this evening.  Feeling a bit tired, frazzled and foolish-in-advance...  If you could spare a prayer for energy and courage, I'd appreciate it.  Also that the event would really bless people and encourage their hearts. Today you get something different on the blog tour - it's a … Continue reading Undivided Heart – day 7