the silent place

Lord, I'm so busy, my focus is on all of my doings. Enjoying the satisfaction of getting things done, and yet in the hub-bub I hear you I hear you in the silent place, where you, arms wide, welcome me to your cross. So, searching for the silent place, I kneel and wait kneel and … Continue reading the silent place

What is it about Jesus? #digidisciple #bigread12 #repost

This post originally appeared at the Big Bible Project on Friday 9th March As part of my #digidisciple slot this month I’m using Tom Wright’s daily reading for the BigRead2012 as a basis for my reflection.  So I’m not directly reflecting on being a digital disciple.  But I am choosing to use a different kind of media … Continue reading What is it about Jesus? #digidisciple #bigread12 #repost