rend your hearts (#digidisciple repost )

Reflecting on words from Joel,this post originally appeared on How’s your heart?  Has it been ‘rent’ recently? Heart-rending – adjective – Causing great sadness or distress The way ‘heart-rending’ has come into use takes away the violence of the phrase. Rending hearts in the way referred to in Joel 2:13 is more than simply ‘distress yourselves’. Better … Continue reading rend your hearts (#digidisciple repost )

What’s your context? #digidisciple repost

This post originally appeared at the BIGBible Project So human The Psalms can be beautiful, positive and encouraging. They can be raw, poignant and tearful. They can also be heavily contextual, with ugly moments of anger and very un-politically correct! They are so human. Poetry and lyrics lend themselves well to expressing emotion. They can be ways of … Continue reading What’s your context? #digidisciple repost