your kingdom come 

…on a bit of whim, I composed the following and posted it on my Facebook author page. It seems to be proving one of my more popular posts, so I thought I’d also share it here… … More your kingdom come 


in the habit

We do need to exercise a kind of discipline in order to create prayer habits; it so hard to retrain our brains.  Our brains change shape according to a habits, forming neural pathways, synaptic connections – and once those pathways are formed it becomes much easier just to follow that pathway, in a manner of … More in the habit


If I had not been forced to stop, I might not even have noticed God. It’s embarrassing to admit that it can take such extreme circumstances to drive me into God’s presence but sometimes the world is so busy, so full of distraction, and so full of the need to do, do, do that we can drift away from God without even being aware that we are doing that. And the more we drift, the easier it is to carry on drifting. … More noise