Undivided Heart blog tour (advance notice)

A little head’s up for you – there’ll be an Undivided Heart blog tour taking place between 26th October and 2nd November to celebrate the book’s publication. Here’s where it’s going and when: 26th October: Christian Bookshops blog 27th October: ACW blog (my regular slot!) 28th October: Angela Almond 29th October: Helen Murray 30th October: … More Undivided Heart blog tour (advance notice)

chop, chop

Often we do things – necessary things – in our lives.  Things may need changing.  Things may need cutting out.  But it’s not just that one moment; not necessarily.  Sometimes we find that the stuff we’ve tackled has left us with a pile to sort through.  It doesn’t just disappear; there’s more work to be done, perhaps a bit of assistance needed. … More chop, chop

the space between

Space matters. In my previous post, I talked about spaces at the end of sentences – about how the ‘double space’ is no longer necessary. I still want to talk about space, but in a different way; in this sense I am coming to the opposite conclusion. Because in my life I often feel space-deprived. … More the space between