I’ll be honest. For this post I’d intended to use zeal, zest or maybe even zany. But, as with any journey’s end, I’m quite tired.  So ‘Zzzzzzzzzz’ seems appropriate. Rest is so important.  Recharging, refinding our strength. Refreshment, on whatever journey we are taking, is essential. Thank you to those who have followed me through … More Zzzzzzzzz


I describe myself as a ‘writer’.  I’ll often add ‘and editor’ as it’s a different, but regular role in my life.  Sometimes, if it’s appropriate, I’ll also say I’m a speaker. Most of the time, I think of the speaking as an extension of my writing (rather than the other way round).  I will write … More yackety-yak!

X marks the spot

When thinking about my writing journey, I’ve tried to identify pivotal moments. Is there one – one moment when everything changed?  When I could have turned my back on writing or become a different person? What about within my writing journey – what pivotal moments sent me down particular paths?  What treasure did I find? … More X marks the spot


My weaknesses both prevent me from writing and help me to write. I’m often held back by tiredness, depression or fear, and nothing comes out. But conversely some of my best writing is done when I am writing about my weaknesses. There is an honesty and vulnerability there which connects with others; there is nothing … More weakness


I am one of those people who thrive on variety.  It can have a downside – I can end up with too many interests, trying to have my finger in too many pies! But in a way, being a writer is ideal for those who have lots of different interests. It means there is always … More variations