a story of your own

Maybe you’ve written something no one else seems interested in, but it is special to you. That doesn’t take away its worth as an important part of your story. It’s not wasted. Don’t toss it away as if it were nothing, but treasure the journey you made. Perhaps God wants to speak to you through it, most of all. … More a story of your own

soft moments

I need soft moments.  Life tries to push them out sometimes; I feel I should be doing something. Or – and perhaps this is the most truthful reason – I fear coming face to face with how I really feel. I mistrust the feelings themselves; I mistrust my own perceptions. Of myself. Of life. Of … More soft moments

a taste of ‘forgetful heart’

Memory maps the landscape of our lives, impacting our relationships and grounding us in reality. It affects behaviour and attitude. It influences decisions; it shapes character and personality. It inspires gratitude and fuels worship. It gives meaning to objects and experiences, creating associations with the present and connecting us to the past. No wonder we worry about forgetting. … More a taste of ‘forgetful heart’