all things are possible

I fully intended to write another post rather sooner than this!

But life is what it is and, let’s face it, we all have muddled moments and patches of the journey where we need to stare at the sky for a bit.

Those of you wondering at my quietness, I have been very, very tired recently, and increasingly-severe chronic pain has led the doctor to suggest I now have fibromyalgia as well as ME. Regardless of the label, the symptoms are very real, so each day is its own unit which I tackle in the strength I have.

I have found plenty of things to bless me during this (very literally) painful season, so I have hope.

The other evening I noticed the gerbera on my windowsill was wilting horribly. It had one flower which had sagged beyond redemption. I had seen this before. I knew the plant was salvageable, but that I would have to wait for new blooms to emerge. This is not the first time my forgetfulness has shortened the life of a flower.

I watered it thoroughly (as did my husband, apparently, so it got a double portion!).

I was making a cuppa the next morning when I glanced towards the window sill and froze in surprise at this:

Gerbera (c) Lucy Mills

It was one of those moments when you wish you had a ‘before’ picture. The petals had sagged so far back it had looked dreadful. They were dulled, lifeless.

But in that moment hope coursed through my veins … it felt a heavenly reminder that transformation is always possible even when it looks the least likely thing in the world.

And the words crept into my mind: with God, all things are possible

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