Important message for email subscribers

Hi folks,

Please note this blog post only really has relevance to those who subscribe to receive blog posts by email (ie those of you who are reading this in your inbox, rather than directly on my site or in a feed reader).

General Data Protection Regulation (EU)
In order to ensure that I am complying with GDPR regulations by 25th May 2018, you will need to confirm you are happy for your email to be used in this way.

By ‘this way’ I mean for the specific purpose of delivering blog posts to your inbox and storing your email for this purpose.

This means that* stores your email address (which I can see if you are subscribed via email but not via a WordPress account). I do not share your email address with anyone else, nor will your email address be used for anything other than the stated purpose above.

I want to ensure I have your consent to do this.

Please note there are slightly different approaches depending on whether you have a WordPress account or not. If you do have a WordPress account, then more falls under’s responsibility than it does mine – at least in terms of collection and retention of subscribers’ data.

Non-WordPress account holders
If you do not choose to sign up again below, please note this will be the last post you receive by email. Please use the following form to sign up again, regardless of how you signed up in the first place (Feedburner, for example, is no longer supported, even though it still functions). Emails will be sent to you from with the content of my posts (when I get round to writing them!). I can see your email address if you subscribe in this way.

WordPress account holders
If you have a WordPress account and follow me, the words below will read something like ‘YOU ARE ALREADY SUBSCRIBED – You are following this blog (manage).’ You can choose whether or not this means getting email notifications by managing your WordPress subscriptions in your own WordPress account. Click ‘manage’ and then look at your list of subscriptions – each site will have ‘settings’ you can click through to and turn on/off email notifications as desired. As said above, I can’t see your email if you subscribe using your own WordPress account, instead I will see your name or name of your own site with a link to that WordPress site.

Here’s the form:

Enter your email to subscribe to blog posts via email

“I don’t get your posts by email!”
This post does not apply to those of you who don’t ‘subscribe by email’, but if you like the idea, you can also sign up using the form above or, if you have a WordPress account, adjusting your subscription settings as explained above.  By doing so, you are giving consent for your email to be stored and used for this purpose.  You can unsubscribe at any time, either by ‘managing’ your subscriptions as above or clicking ‘unsubscribe’ at the bottom of emails.


Thanks for your patience. Isn’t this gloriously confusing? I just got an email about this from one organisation about this, but they’d forgotten to delete their proof comments… I was both amused and sympathetic! I think there might need to be some kind of post-GDPR counselling service…

Note: This post has been tricky to test run, as I am a WordPress account holder, so if you’re not a WordPress user and think the form looks wrong, please let me know!

Another note: this is to do with my blog posts, not my newsletter, which needs separate consent – at least it does in my case.

Now go eat some cake or something to recover.

Link: What WordPress is planning re. GDPR

* is part of Automattic

3 thoughts on “Important message for email subscribers

  1. Joy Lenton says:

    Hi Lucy, Thank you for bringing this important update to our attention. Do you mind if I copy it like a template for my own website use? I would adjust and insert things a little differently, of course! It wasn’t until I read this that I realised that the GDPR applied to sites as well as to self-hosted blogs.

    And if you are happy for me to use this, please could you let me know what to link to for the “You are following this blog *(manage)*” hyperliink? Thanks!

    Blessings and love, Joy xo 😊❤

    Visit Joy at: Twitter: Facebook:


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