new year, new look?

No, I haven’t dyed my hair turquoise, although I would like to, some day…

I’ve been fiddling with my website so you (hopefully) will notice a different feel around here.  I like the cleanness of this template (Sela) and have revamped the homepage. I am still tweaking some bits, so excuse any lurking oddities.

website sample.png

I’ve created a separate ‘about me’ page, which I managed to produce after some agonising – why are these things so hard to write?  Click here if you want to take a look.

I’m about to ask you what you think, but as it’s so time consuming doing these things, I won’t be making any changes any time soon!

So (cautiously) what do you think?  As I say, some smaller widgets etc, are still needing sorting out and the right images chosen in a few places…


5 thoughts on “new year, new look?

  1. spiritprint says:

    For something you found difficult, I’d say you’ve done a great job! All bases covered, most in some depth. I can’t think of any aspect anyone would want to know more about, unless they wanted to exceed normal bounds of curiosity. Gives a comprehensive picture of you.


  2. Rosalie Squires says:

    “Identity; memory; why we do what we do; what makes us tick” The things you put first in your list of things that fascinate you are all things that also fascinate me. That probably explains why I like reading your blog so much – I can easily identify with it.


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