the lure of all things shiny [repost]

As all my writing energies are in use, here’s an old post for you to ponder…


The world is full of shiny objects.

They catch your eye as you walk – glittering intriguingly at the side of the road. They pull at your focus – look at me! They fascinate and they distract – by their novelty, attractiveness or yes, addictiveness.

I’m easily distracted, and that lay behind a lot of Forgetful Heart. I’m often pulled off course, losing my thread and my intentions.

What are the ‘shiny things’ in my life? They may not be bad, exactly – just…mediocre, when I’m called to so much more than mediocre.

We get used to playing with our fragments of fool’s gold or coloured glass, wary of true brightness. It’s too bright for us – it exposes us, shows us up for who we really are. We shy away and play with our shiny, worthless things – but the true light puts them to shame.

But the only ‘shiny things’ I should pay proper heed to are those that reflect the light of Christ – they point me toward him rather than pull me away. Not necessarily explicitly so – they may just contribute to my wellbeing, be ‘good for my soul’ in all manner of ways. They may not even seem that shiny until we dig for them and find, instead of fools’ gold, pearls beyond price.

Lord, help me know the difference between the ‘shiny things’ and the things of true value.



Image: Fools’ Gold by Jonathan Zander CC license 2.5

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