2017-01-05-12-32-34Apparently this is my first blog post of 2017! I’ve thought about posting but my mind is a little overfull and my writing energies claimed by other things.  I am working on the book; parts of it have now come together, but there is still a lot that needs rearranging, adding and deleting, polishing and refining.

It’s a busy stage of proofreading for a magnet issue at the moment as well, when my working hours have to shift to fit a bit (oh sublime rhyme!). I’ve realised that the next busy stage is going to clash with the last three weeks before my book deadline so I’m trying not to fret about that.

Fretting does not help me write, so fretting about getting things written is all a bit silly.

One day at a time, as always, and there is a beautiful thing in the pages of the document – I am going through it piece by piece.  The last pieces look very muddled but of course they do as I haven’t reached them yet!

My energy is so-so. I’m having to be a bit careful.  When I’m able to I go out for a snatch of air and nature, often taking a camera with me and boring my Facebook friends and Instagram followers with the resulting pictures! I’ve not been properly using my camera for some time, so I’m getting back into it, and realising that there will be a lot of rubbish shots before I get that one I’m proud of, and that’s OK.


This is an update rather than a post to inspire you but I am here, trying to focus and to be motivated in writing a book which is largely about what motivates us…!


I am posting snippets and quotes on Twitter, my Facebook page and Instagram if you wish to check in with me there.

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