Undivided Heart – what?


This photo is doing the rounds this week

And now, at last, for the blog post.

Those of you who don’t know what I mean, read on and you’ll find out!

However I’ve been throwing announcements around on social media, so a good proportion of you will have already heard:

I’ve signed a contract to write a second book (again for Darton, Longman and Todd), entitled: Undivided Heart: Finding Meaning and Motivation in Christ.

What I haven’t done is gone into what the book will be about – although the subheading encapsulates it in a general sense.

I’m cautious about saying too much before it’s been properly written as I’m the kind of writer who needs to ‘write first, tell later’; too much sharing inhibits the creative process for me.  (I know, from reading others on this, that I’m not the only one!)

However, I can give you some broad strokes.

Undivided Heart looks at two main questions: what drives us? and what defines us?  The two questions interrelate, as will become clear in the book.

So, I’ll be looking at aspects of our basic needs and drives but digging down into more complex desires.  I’ll be looking at how we seek to define ourselves, including reflecting on the power and pitfalls of labels. I’ll be exploring concepts of motivation, reward and identity in the bible. I’ll challenge where we may have ‘diminished the gospel’ with unhelpful worldviews. And I’ll be coming home, as you will have guessed, to what it means to be in Christ and how this gives us both motivation and meaning in our lives.

So – just a few thoughts on the meaning and purpose of life, then!

I’m excited at this stage about getting to make this journey myself, as writing a book teaches me so much, and God seems to use it to challenge and change me, too.

I can’t say if this book will change your life, but no doubt it will change mine.  And I am looking forward to that.

Here’s me making the announcement on YouTube.  As I say in the video, I hope to give you some teasers – short reflections on the theme for you to engage with and enjoy as I make my journey.

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