summer’s passing

2016-07-27-20-04-58September is for sky watching.

Not just because I love sky (which I do) but because I’m filling my mind with the memory of them dancing.

I saw a couple – not many – this evening, skipping across the sky.

The house martins will be leaving soon. 

I like September, I enjoy autumn and yet… there is always the bittersweet goodbyes contained within.

The season is beginning to make ready for dormancy, doing a last shake out of the rug laid by summer, beginning to draw the curtains.

I watch the sky, because I can’t bear to see them leave, yet as soon as they do I will remind myself: they’re coming back.

And the brown earth will lie quiet as the bulbs brew beneath.

And the birds will dangle from the feeders and flock together once more, spring rivalries forgotten, for now.

And I too will wait.  I will worry at winter’s approach but I will adjust.  I will wrap up to keep out the chill; I will grit my teeth against cold mornings; I will watch the sunrise on a train in November. I will cosy up to Christmas and grizzle out January.

The snowdrops will come; I love the snowdrops. (But if the daffodils come out in December again, as they did last year, that will confuse me…to each a time and season.)

Every season has its stars.  The house martins, today, are mine. 

September is for sky watching.

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