not-breaking news

2016-09-05 18.31.43

Distracted myself in waiting room by taking a photo of my (slightly bulging) foot

Ah, what joy. Interrupting my scheduled posts (am trying to schedule three a week in my efforts to get back into regular blogging) in order to share not-breaking news. Took a topple yesterday and gave my ankle a nice sprain while attempting to have a relaxing day off – as you do.

Went to local minor injuries clinic, where they attempted to take x-rays  but alas the machine broke down and they couldn’t process them, so ended up heading to A&E at a bigger hospital anyway.

Highlights (or should I say lowlights?!):

  • trying not to throw up in a National Trust property
  • going down one and a half flights of stairs on my bottom
  • sobbing in minor injuries clinic when told we needed to go through it all again
  • both nearly falling over in effort to find right entrance to A&E and a lovely passer by rushing up to catch me (much appreciated)
  • knocking my husband’s glasses off at same time
  • getting wheeled through various doors in a wide wheelchair while all too aware I’m going sore foot first
  • getting carried twice
  • throwing up in hospital loo
  • …and other things I’ll remember later.

Interspersed with my usual coping mechanism of laughing as much as possible. The mechanism went offline on occasion but reasserted itself eventually. NT volunteers and NHS staff treating me were lovely.

I’m still within 24 hours of the injury at the moment, so obeying the rest/elevation/ice instructions. Can now stand and stagger with – almost without – stick, when necessary. Was in so much initial pain it was hard to believe there were no broken bones, but ligaments can really howl when they have to. (Hence not-breaking news…!) It is slowly improving now.

Trying to do editing work is interesting when so uncomfortable. Thankfully got an iPad as early birthday present so able to use that to keep track of things a bit.

All in all, rather exasperated.

Took some nice pictures of flowers with my phone,though.

2016-09-05 14.40.05.jpg

2 thoughts on “not-breaking news

  1. beryl vaughan says:

    Oh my, I read of the early morning encounter with the wasp, and thought how fortunate you had not hurt yourself in the fall. And then, next day……

    It was adding insult to injury for the machine to break down. Anyway I hope you will soon be more comfortable and the ankle begins to look normal

    From Beryl V xx


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