beyond the cover

There’s a box of CDs behind me.  They’re ones I’m planning to give to charity, but I keep humming and haa-ing about them.  I decided, in the end, just to rip them onto my computer and then I don’t faff about wondering if I’ll regret getting rid of one. it gives me a bit of decision-making-time while still getting rid of the box.

CDs.jpgThis made me think. If someone looks at the music on my computer, the majority of things they will see are albums I used to like, albums I only bought for one or two songs, or ones I feel a bit so-so about.  Intermingled with a small amount of ILOVETHISSOMUCH.  I haven’t got round to ripping most of my currently-liked music; it’s buried somewhere in a list of not-terribly-urgent intentions. Clearing out the not-so-liked stuff is a higher priority.

So… If you opened my ‘music’ folder on my computer, you’d get a completely skewed impression of my musical taste.

A bit like someone who leaves all of a certain food on their plate until the end.  They don’t like that food, we think.  But what if they’re saving the best until last, so they can really enjoy it?

Assumptions are tricky things and not to be relied on.  Even ‘evidence’ might suggest something not entirely true. It’s so easy to judge someone on surface impressions. Often we don’t look beyond the cover of the book.

Just a thought. But worth remembering.

4 thoughts on “beyond the cover

    • Lucy Mills says:

      🙂 I have a few of those that I need to be ruthless over!! (The worst is the box of cassettes full of my own songs – can I bear to listen through the dreadful to find the gems? Or should I just wipe and destroy, as I’ll never find the time?!)


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