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2016-08-20 16.23.20I’m really, really hoping I can reboot my blogging over the next few months. I’m aware fresh content is infrequent here. I don’t want it to be like that!

Of course, this risks my becoming supremely uninteresting, but I’ll attempt to take that risk.

I’m getting back into Instagram at the moment.  In the end I made my old account private, so that I could occasionally put places and people on it that I wouldn’t want to share with the whole internet (!) – and set up a new one which would be for writing news, etc.

I then realised that I wanted to include snapshots in general and give snippets of who I am, as well as the moments we all have in common… So I widened it to be my main account, with pictures of this and that, everyday moments etc. as well as quotes/publicity re.books etc. So, if you’re on Instagram, that’s the best account to follow!

2016-08-20 16.08.51Hopefully I’ll share some images to the blog too, once it kicks off again with a bit more gusto, perhaps with an accompanying reflection. I may even begin a ‘recently on Instagram’ thread if I’m disciplined enough.

 It was World Photo Day a few days ago, and many took to social media to celebrate the power of the image. People love pictures.  We live in an image-heavy society.  There are, as with everything, downsides to this. But when balanced with an understanding that the picture is representative of the moment, not replacing the experience of the moment, a picture can bring so much.

More later…I won’t promise, as that sounds terribly binding..but I will try!


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