new ways of becoming

new waysI’ve been reflecting on ‘re-making’ journeys.

I scribbled down some thoughts on this a couple of months (or so) ago; will try and encapsulate them here.

There are times when I’ve felt my journey – especially my spiritual journey – has been like climbing a mountain. But after reaching a certain height I have slipped down the path again. I have slipped so far that the idea of climbing it all again feels so very hard.  I cannot summon the strength for a repeat of what I’ve already done.

But then I realised: it is not the exact same path, for I am in a different starting place; I may have slipped downward but my view of the mountain is from a different angle now. The route has altered, ever so slightly. The scenery has changed; there are pebbles of wisdom here that I did not see the first time round.

Despite my first impressions, it’s not a matter of retracing my steps, placing one weary foot one after the other on a path already taken. No, I am creating new steps, now.

Let not the memory of the former journey weigh you down, whispers this new thought in my mind. Be inspired by it; be grateful for it…but don’t be overwhelmed by it.

That path is not the same; you cannot walk it the same way; you cannot and should not try to repeat it.  It feels hard for a reason.

Learn to learn (!) in new ways, to retrieve the treasures of old lessons by heeding new ones.

Your travelling companion is the same, though you may see him from a different angle.

Release the past – celebrate it, but it should not wall you in with regret, dread and fear.  Do not compare yourself then with yourself now.  You are not the same, nor should you be. What worked then may not work now.

There are still precious things to learn in the foothills.

Make a new path and follow it with joy.




2 thoughts on “new ways of becoming

  1. Rosalie Squires says:

    Thanks for this, Lucy. I often think the cycles of life are arranged like a spiral; we don’t go round in futile circles any more than we re-climb exactly the same path. We go round again on a new path seeing old things from a new perspective. And, hopefully, our wisdom deepens as we do so!

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