what we did on our holidays


We had a week off after the Easter weekend, which was a huge blessing (and relief). Still both shattered from having the fearsome flu, hubby and I were glad that the week off had been ‘booked off’ for some time.

We hadn’t booked to go anywhere, which meant we could do things in small, manageable ways. We could lie in (on Easter Monday, past noon!).  We could decide on the day what we felt able to do.  We could rest and not feel bothered.

I deliberately withdrew from social media and any kind of messaging; left my phone off for most of the day. I only put it on in case there was a fmaily emergency and someone was trying to get in touch.  We switched off the answer machine on our landline so we couldn’t be tempted to check messages.

What did we do?

upload-e95dc940-9f3c-11e5-ab86-377aa5622c5aWe went to the cinema (Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice).  I’m afraid I am a bit of nerd these days.  You can tell because I understand nearly all the references made in the Big Bang Theory.  I say things like ‘remind me which universe?’ to hubby, which confuses other people, but I’m waiting for him to say Marvel or DC – Batman v Superman of course being the latter.

I watch Arrow and the Flash and am quietly curious about Aquaman, although I know Raj (of Big Bang) likes to say ‘Aquaman sucks’ (especially when dressed as Aquaman). I always had the tendencies, but hubby has consolidated them somewhat.  I even read actual comic books when I was ill  – some of the uncanny X-men, no less.  (Marvel, in case you are wondering.)

2015-09-26 12.35.44.jpg

The pond, taken last year when it had just been filled

We had a couple of days in the garden; I tidied the flower beds and planted snowdrops I’d ordered ‘in the green’ for next year’s display.  I also continued to organise the pond area.

At the end of last year I bought a container pond with birthday money and I’m still working on the overall feel of that area.  The pond needs a bit of natural balancing to combat blanket weed, so I got some hornwort as a native oxygenator and popped that in.

We went to a few nature reserves – a shorter outing the first day, but a long luxurious sunny day at the end of the week when we were rewarded with sightings of bitterns, marsh harriers, plus a water rail (the third we’ve seen in total, we saw two at Minsmere in Suffolk a couple of years ago) and a glossy ibis.

We are quite used to arriving at places and being told there had been a glossy ibis hanging around, so it was fab to be able to be there to see it for a change. Lots of things to see and appreciate – we both love bird and nature watching so that’s our shared hobby.

I had to clean the guinea pigs out, which wasn’t terribly holiday-ish, but it needed doing and, well, they were pleased.

Resting and recuperating meant ready meals (nice ones!) in front of the TV; we’re working our way through Friends for the umpteenth time and watched all of Agent Carter series one while we were off.

2016-04-04 20.44.44

Agent Carter. I am utterly smitten with the character of Mr Jarvis, and want him to be my butler, or sidekick in saving the world. Either is fine.

We’re still trying to get through all nine series of the original X files in order to watch the new ones, which we recorded.  We are nearing the end of season 4…a long way to go. Hubby has seen most of them and vets them – we don’t like supernatural horror, but aliens, clones, killer bees and conspiracies we can cope with.

I’m sure we watched films too, although I’ve drawn a blank on what they were at this moment!

It was a relief to have time to rest and to ‘slow ourselves’. I was a bit nervous entering this week but it has been pleasantly productive and I feel on top of things – for now.  I continue to feel more able to thrive now I have my ‘boundaries’ in place (see this post) and find it a good work -and life! – model.


PS Am featured on the Mistakes Writers Make (and how to put them right) blog this week, as a guest blogger invited to contribute by the wonderful Alex Gazzola. Check it out here!

And, in case you missed it, here’s my Easter post on the More than Writers blog: Resurrection Day

4 thoughts on “what we did on our holidays

  1. suesconsideredtrifles says:

    Thank you for reminding me that my word for the year is “Rest”. What with the A to Z Challenge and one thing and another I had almost forgotten. I haven’t been doing any craft projects and hubby has been doing most of the cooking. Colouring has replaced craft. Sue


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