the end of Lent, the beginning of…

Holy Saturday, and it’s howling out there.

I’ve been a bit quiet, aside from scheduled posts, because hubby and I were both struck down by the flu two weeks ago. Finally the symptoms have passed, although my chest is still a tiny bit tickly, and we are trying to clamber back to normality.  Proper flu really takes it out of you.

We are battening down the hatches next week and having some time to recover and rest so I won’t be around much online; either tucked up cosily in bed or on the sofa, or maybe pottering in the garden occasionally (but not if the weather is like THIS!).

This past week, rather than being the ‘slowing’ of Holy Week, has felt like ‘quick catch up’ week with work and chores, so I am glad we’d already marked next week as our Sabbath time.

March was meant to be busy, I had to keep cancelling things as we could do nothing but collapse with fever and coughing and general grossness (being sick on a sore throat? Not my favourite thing).  So instead of the franticness I’d anticipated, there has been an enforced lull.

So, I have slowed in other ways, and although my body feels battered from flu my mind did at least have a little rest.  You have to look at the bright side, don’t you?

2016-03-26 15.01.53I managed to make a cake today, not for consumption until tomorrow.  I kind of made it up as I went along, so all in all I think it looks good although I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to taste it.

Tomorrow: Resurrection Day, when we shout Hallelujah!, when we celebrate and feast and above all remember what has been achieved for us.

If I don’t get to say so tomorrow, have a wonderful Easter.  And remember Easter is not just a day but a season! So – here’s to the season of Easter, when we cry out in delight:

He is risen!


(Oh, and Brits, don’t forget the clocks go forward tonight!)


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