patterns of praying

Continuing on the theme of ‘Loving God through prayer’ – see previous post 

We may find different ways and models of prayer helpful.  We may prefer to have a particular place where we pray, as it helps us to focus.  We may like to pray as we walk, indeed for some of us a walk under the trees or by the sea makes prayer bubble to our lips almost unintentionally.

Day 2: St Abb's HeadWhether in movement or in stillness, God is ready to walk with us or stand among us as we seek him.

For some, pictures are more helpful than words, as they find symbol and imagery a good way to contemplate the God we can never fully describe.

You could make your own prayer book – stick in prayers you love, pictures that inspire you, so that on the days you need a nudge you have a place to start.  If you’re creative, be creative.  If you’re active, be active.  If you love to think deeply, think deep thoughts about God in God’s presence – who knows where that will take you? 

Just because we don’t fit someone else’s pattern of prayer doesn’t mean that we aren’t good at praying!  I come across so many people who say “I’m not very good at praying”.  (I am one of them.)

Gerard W. Hughes said “there are as many types of praying as there are human beings.”

Let’s not get too prescriptive with one another; this will only tear each other down instead of building one another up.  We cannot pray in a box, we pray from the heart and as we seek God, the boxes started exploding.  Instead we need to encourage each other to find the time and place where, for us, prayer is nourished; faith flourishes; where our minds clear of the clutter of life and catch a snatch of the still small voice which challenges us, changes our perceptions, widens our world views and grants us glimpses of glory.


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