the presentness of God

Continuing on the theme of ‘Loving God through prayer’ – see previous post 

April in picturesWe need  God’s help even to worship God sometimes; God’s spirit to nudge us into praise, to open our eyes to the wonders we might otherwise miss.  To pray to want to pray is a valid prayer.  To pray with intent to praise moves away from the “gimme gimme” prayer, and makes God the reason for the prayer, rather than what we want from God.

Don’t get me wrong – we are told to come to God with all kinds of requests, to cast our cares upon God because God cares for us and wants us to ask, to seek, to knock.  There is nothing wrong with asking God for things – indeed this is good.  But without framing our prayers with the acknowledgement of who God is and how great God is can mean that the prayer becomes all about the thing we are asking for, not the one who lovingly listens.  And indeed, our prayers can become so full of words that we may not even hear the answers, because we are so busy filling all the spaces with our own words, our own thoughts, our own selves.

I love words, but they will always have their limits, which is why we need the Spirit of God to help us.

If I am upset and talk to a friend, I am not, necessarily, asking them to help me directly. Even if I am, I am there because they are my friend and I want to be in their presence, because part of their helping me is their presentness.

And God is ever present, ever desiring to be our confidante.  We pray to God not just because we want things but because God is the one we trust and love the most.  And that too, is worship.


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