mending and replacing

2016-02-09 11.13.14

New patio doors (see end of post for before/after images)

We have new doors.

Well, we have a new back door, and a new patio door on the Manse – yay! No more fighting back the black mould/mildew on the dining room carpet, or battling to get into the kitchen because the door has jammed, or wiping down the condensation, or worrying someone could, well, kick a hole in it. (They just need finishing up on the outside now, so hopefully that will be done soon – it’s a bit weather reliant, and the weather is… hmmm.)

Out with the old.

We also saved up for a new washing machine – you can read some thoughts on this on the More than Writers blog, where I share memories associated with its predecessor.

We’ve also needed things fixing – the freezer, a few weeks back. It was frozen solid inside at the back, but we couldn’t take the back off without voiding the warranty, so someone came and sorted it (under warranty, phew).

The boiler suddenly stopped working last week when we were both feeling grotty. However, we called our usual person and he stopped in on the way home, had the replacement part in his van, so fixed it on the spot. Nice.

We had an outside light put in at the end of the year over the back door; we decided to do this at our own expense as it was really for my sake for when I feed the guinea pigs in the evening (although they are living mainly in the garage at the moment – again, the weather). But the bulb wasn’t right for it so needed replacing, and now the switch does too…

So we are having lots of to-ing and fro-ing but in general the results are good – and we’ll get there with the light.  All the ‘fixing folk’ are very nice so it’s not caused us huge amounts of stress. And we are well looked after and nurtured by our church community and I cannot express how grateful I am for this. We don’t need to panic when things go wrong; we know we’ll have support and help, and they will do their best for us. (This is not always the case for those in ministry, and this saddens me greatly.)

But it has felt like a season of mending and replacing, which has made me ponder.

As I approach Lent, what needs mending, sprucing up, or replacing in my life? What do I need to get rid of in order to make room for new things? What’s a bit mouldy or frozen up? What isn’t doing what it should?

All good questions, and worth asking.  I’m not going to publicise if and what I’m giving up for Lent, but I hope to make this a season of renewed focus.  It may mean things get a bit messy while the old is removed and the new installed, but that’s OK.

I trust the one who makes all things new.


Before…yes, the streaks are on the inside of the double glazing and have been getting worse. The wooden frame was damp and black in places.


After…glorious clarity!

before back

The old back door

after (2)

The new back door

2 thoughts on “mending and replacing

  1. Rosalie Squires says:

    Thanks for the inspiration – reminds me that I wrote a piece for Lent a few weeks back for our Parish Magazine that could probably stand an on-line airing. It was a moss ridden, messy lawn rather than mouldy patio doors that I was likening life to but similar general idea.


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