November already?

Oh, goodness-gracious-galloping-me. It’s November.

Haven’t I been lax at blogging?  Autumn always gets hectic. September feels like a lurch into action and it keeps getting busier and busier.

I’ve been editing, doing lots at a church, writing when I get a minute, as well as trying to fit in time to see friends, etc. As I only have a small energy packet per day I don’t quite have the capacity to do what many can – but I work with it.

NaNo-2015-Participant-Badge-Large-SquareNow, of course, I’ve signed up for NaNoWriMo even though I was very leery about doing so this year. It’s a habit I can’t kick. So, at one of my busiest points in the year, I have an irritating tendency to try and write a novel in 30 days (since there are a few of those days I can’t do any writing, this is squeezed further). My NaNo profile, for the curious, is here. As usual, I’ve no idea how far I’ll get. It feels harder every time I do it. One year it will become impossible.

ACWWhat else?  Oh yes, my most recent post on the More than Writers blog can be found here – I tried to be honest, and apparently people identified with it.

Woman AliveAnother one of my Woman Alive articles is available online (October issue – hope I haven’t linked to this already on the blog). What does God want me to do? (I originally dubbed it ‘God is not a Sat Nav!’)

And… oh, wait, I’ve forgotten what I was going to say…

Ah! That’s it. Forgetful Heart. (I know. The irony never escapes me.) It’s in the DLT autumn sale along with some other amazing authors. I’m humbled by the company I’m keeping – and by the publisher’s choice to feature me. So you can grab it at a 30% discount here.

Not the most sparkling of blog posts but I felt I really should break the silence!

Be well.

Comments welcome!

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