Review: Resilient by Sheridan Voysey

I intended to blog more these past weeks, but dear me, it’s been busy.

Still, I’m breaking into blogging mode to draw your attention to a new book released this week – Resilient by Sheridan Voysey.

This is a thoughtful book, leading the reader through a series of reflections on the Sermon on the Mount.  When I received my review copy, I started reading straight through, but soon changed my approach as it is ideal for devotional reading, broken up into chunks. Sheridan’s tone is gentle but challenging – often giving me pause for thought as I considered the familiar biblical passages.

Occasionally thoughts I found in Resilient picked up on things I was thinking about elsewhere in life, and I love little Holy-Spirit-moments such as these.  We can go into ‘review’ mode when we get advance copies, adding it to a list of ‘to dos’ – however well-meaning and supportive we are of the author. But this has been a book I’ve needed to read, with treasures scattered in its pages.

I don’t tend to do much reviewing of books on my blog anymore, but I’m glad I agreed to do this one – thanks so much Sheridan, for your work and words.

Find out more here.

Have you read any books recently, which have been ‘just right’ for the moment?

Comments welcome!

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