a new way to #Shine?

06_LOVE_posterJUST IN TIME FOR NATIONAL POETRY DAY, I wanted to share with you that proceeds from my e-anthologies, Fragile World, Out of Darkness and Shine  will now go towards Tearfund’s Refugee Crisis Fund.

I realise that many of you will have already purchased/downloaded these but perhaps you could share this, or a link to your favourite, in order to spread the word?

I’m aware they are currently only available on Kindle and hope to soon make available in ePub format for other e-readers, even if it’s on a kind of honesty system – ie you tell me you’ve donated and I send you the file! I’ll keep you posted on that.  It’s taken far too long for me even to get round to sorting this out.

shine cover2Fragile World is poetry orientated, with faith showing through the cracks. Out of Darkness is more prayer focused. Shine is probably a mixture and is very appropriate for Advent reading (and coincidentally, fits with the theme of this year’s National Poetry Day – LIGHT).

They are currently all at £1.99 – a slight increase on the earlier two, in order to get 70% rather than 35% of royalties, but a price drop on Shine. (They are about $3 on Amazon.com.)

Can I encourage you to take a look, and ask your friends to do the same, for a good cause?

Fragile World

Out of Darkness


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