a bit of a lull

A flower to cheer you.

A recently added garden flower to cheer you.

After the frenzy of blogging in April, it seems I’ve entered a bit of a lull, blog-wise. Life scuttles onward and I have neglected to write about it here, although I have been writing other things – I’ve had a few commissions I’ve been enjoying working on, as well as editing work.

I have had another post up on the ACW blog, which does reflect a little on my April blogging adventure – check it out here: Tracing the Journey. There’ll be another going up on the 27th of this month, as I have been given a regular ‘slot’.

I need a haircut. It will be chopped and tidied tomorrow!

I need a haircut. It will be chopped and tidied tomorrow!

I don’t anticipate blogging much otherwise in June as I’m having a bit of a break from things, but thank you for reading. Thanks. too, to those of you who have told me you have enjoyed Forgetful Heart recently, and to those who have written reviews.

I’ve made a decision really to tackle my next big project, daunting as it is, when my break is over, so… I will try to keep you posted, as much as the introvert in me can cope with such revelations!

Ciao for now.

Comments welcome!

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