In some ways this has been implicit in other posts, but a lot of my writing journey is all about timing. About things coming together at a certain point. About moments which are conducive to writing, when others have not been.

It would be unreasonable to think that timing does not have a lot to do with what I create, how I persevere, and when things come to fruition.

I find it helpful to nurture an acceptance of this – and an acknowledgement that my timings will not be the same as it is for others.

There were certain points at early stages when I faced rejection – and now I’m so glad I did!  I needed to find my voice, and I hadn’t got there yet.

The time needed to be right. Timing may not be everything, but it’s certainly important.

A to Z posts – reflecting on my writing journey

A to Z theme reveal
A is for … acorns
B is for … bricks
C is for … change
D is for … dreams
E is for … empathy
F is for … forgetfulness
G is for … gifts
H is for … hiatus
I is for … imagination
J is for … jewels
K is for … knowledge
L is for … living
M is for … meaning
N is for … novels
O is for … observe
P is for … persist
Q is for … quiet
R is for … reading
S is for … secrecy


7 thoughts on “timing

  1. Timing, in the way you describe, has been a huge factor in other areas of life but can’t say I’ve noticed it like this with regard to writing. Will have to ponder. perhaps the answer is simply, Not yet?

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