I’ve always been fascinated by the meaning behind things.

Sometimes almost too much – I can get my mind in quite a twist!

But often my writing is an exploration of meaning. On the micro scale of various topics, of words themselves, and out onto the macro scale of life.

I have faith as a Christian, although I am by no means as firm in my faith as I’d like to be. I often second-guess myself and my ability to perceive things. What if I’m hearing wrong? What if I’ve missed the point? I’ve realised recently that my doubt is often self-focussed and bound up in myself – whether I see God in the right way. When I stop analysing my faith, stop looking at my own hands and choose instead to lift  them up towards the object of my faith, my perspective shifts.

Just a little. I’m a work in progress.

But when I start looking into meaning – digging deep, I find my faith is fed and fuelled. Asking questions can feel frightening, but by looking at them as explorative rather than interrogative they become part of the journey, no longer a threat but something of interest and of value.

And in the act of writing, I dig deep. I nurture existing thoughts and add on others. I move beyond the shallows and into the depths.

It takes an effort to do this, sometimes. In many ways, it’s easier not to do it. To just sit back and not bother with the pursuit of meaning.

But when I dare, when I resolve, when I push into those depths, the rewards are great. I feel my understand flesh out; a kind of ‘filling’ takes place.

By seeking meaning (on whatever scale) I learn more about my humanity – what it is to think, to feel, to do, to be.

A to Z posts – reflecting on my writing journey

A to Z theme reveal
A is for … acorns
B is for … bricks
C is for … change
D is for … dreams
E is for … empathy
F is for … forgetfulness
G is for … gifts
H is for … hiatus
I is for … imagination
J is for … jewels
K is for … knowledge
L is for … living

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