What makes an idea special?

I have plenty of ideas; plenty of things that interest me a little. Perhaps enough to write a blog post, or even an article. But it takes a real jewel of an idea to motivate me to explore it in the long-term, to commit to it as a project.

Often these jewels are things I stumble across in a fallow season (see the last line of my H post!), or they can be the result of joining the dots.

I might take one thing that interests me, and draw a line to another…then add something a little extra special and BAM! It’s caught me now.  Making connections between minor ideas which leads to a major idea is one of my favourite parts of the writing process.  It’s so exciting – I’m discovering, learning, digging for treasure.

When the excitement of it captures me, I know I’ve found something special.  It may not be special to anyone else (in fact, I’d rather it wasn’t!), but for me, it becomes more than just a theme or a topic but part of my own growth – both as a person and as a writer.

When I’m holding one of these jewels, turning it in the light and watching that light refract, I am glad to be alive.

A to Z posts – reflecting on my writing journey

A to Z theme reveal
A is for … acorns
B is for … bricks
C is for … change
D is for … dreams
E is for … empathy
F is for … forgetfulness
G is for … gifts
H is for … hiatus
I is for … imagination

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