Here I was at a time of great change (read my previous post for context). I was now a wife; more than that I was the wife of a church minister, which is a learning curving in itself. Not only that, a new church minister, so we were both trying to work out how to live as a couple, as well as being in fulltime church ministry, when we had experience of neither.

On the first day of my husband’s new role, I was invited to accompany him and be shown round and I got very enthusiastic. The next day he left again for his new job. I found myself in a sea of boxes, in a place I didn’t know, with friends feeling far and with no sense of what my role was, who I was going to be, and what to do now.

Rugged coast (Image:Lucy Mills, instagram)This was bit of a stormy stage for me.

I got involved a lot at the church which was great and I enjoyed it. However, a small part of me still needed find my ‘thing’. It took some time, and I had a major relapse of my Chronic Fatigue a couple of years after we moved there. I also had a crisis of faith, which is a bit awkward when you’re married to a church minister, and, generally, I felt like I was a bit of a mess.

Thankfully I wasn’t left in the mess.  I rediscovered my faith, in new ways, understanding that God was there in the struggle with me, not waiting outside while I sorted myself out.

And I came back to my old passion. Writing.


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30 thoughts on “change

  1. Mare says:

    hello! I’m popping in from the a-z. I love finding other believers in the blogosphere! I think women who love God and profess his mercy can change the world! Come visit me, if you’d like: I looked for a facebook connection, but did not see one, so I’ll follow you on twitter. :- )


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