There have been a lot of ‘bricks’ that comprise the road I’ve walked as a writer and as a person, but to attempt a bit of chronology, this follows my last post and looks at some of the pivotal moments that came next.

In my earliest writing dreams I had always thought it would be fiction that would be my main focus.

But my teenage passion for poetry and the odd piece of inspirational writing was just the beginning of a journey.

When I was 19, I signed up to do a writing course via distance learning. This creative writing course began a with a non-fiction part. I didn’t have much life experience and not much confidence, either. I got stuck on assignment 2. I remained stuck for the next 10 years, or something like that.  (More on that, in a later post.)

I wasn’t sitting round chewing on my pencil all that time. I had embarked on the pursuit of another passion – a passion to study theology at a Christian college.  There is no doubt in my mind that this was the right thing for me.  It was a daring thing to do, in my case. I struggle with Chronic Fatigue, also known as ME. To sign up for three years full time education living on campus near London (which felt far from my rural upbringing in the South West corner of our isles) took a real leap of faith. But it was one of those moments of ‘certainty’.  I didn’t know what would come after I’d taken that step, but I knew I needed to take it.

By the grace of God, I came out the other end full to the brim of new experiences, beautiful friendships, lots of listening and talking and thinking and growing. It was where I met my now husband.  I was in the year above him, so I graduated a year earlier.

Returning to my childhood home, I worked in a toy shop for a few months and prepared for a wedding. This was also the time my husband was seeking a church position (he felt called to baptist ministry).

My husband graduated, we married, went on honeymoon, came back for him to preach with a view to becoming a minister at a baptist church in the South of England, accepted the following call, moved in the September to a heavily suburban area which I knew nothing of, into a temporary house, as newlyweds, to begin a whole new life where everything was different from what I had previously known. (Pause to breathe – I needed to, as well.)

It was a whirlwind, but once I’d landed I had to face the question: What was I to do now?

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