belated theme reveal #AtoZ


sort of signed myself up for April’s A to Z blogging challenge a while back. April was a long way off, and future me could deal with it.

Future me is often frustrated/faintly irritated/ appalled by previous versions of Lucy Mills and their assumptions.

We’ll see how it goes.

I thought I might make my first post – ‘A’ on April first – April Fool, whereupon I said I wasn’t going to do it after all, but…maybe I won’t.

I missed the whole ‘theme reveal’ thing on the 23rd, naturally.

But, having a quick think about it…

Not so long ago I gave a talk on my writing journey and wondered whether to serialise bits for the blog.  So, I’m going to attempt to slot this together with the A to Z Challenge.

Whether that works I don’t know. Enough for 26 entries, one beginning with x? It certainly won’t be chronological.

But…it’s better than no idea at all. Perhaps it might even be of interest!

I’ve still got to work out what fits under what letter… hmm… ambition? Bravery? Copyright infringement, dictation (and its perils), editing…?

Well, as far as I know I’ve not infringed any copyright (or had mine infringed), so maybe not that one.

Any other readers doing this? Any ideas as to what words I could use as pegs on which to hang my journey as a writer? (You may have to read that sentence twice.  Perhaps ‘clarity’ would make a better C!)

41 thoughts on “belated theme reveal #AtoZ

  1. expectantlylistening says:

    Sounds interesting. I hadn’t heard of April A to Z, interested to find out more. When I wrote about preparing for Christmas in November (in order to find more sacred space in December) I originally thought about writing it as an A to Z. In the end I didn’t but working through the letters was fun so I think it’s something I’d enjoy and would add more creativity to an idea. Looking forward to following your April posts!


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