it’s (still) Christmas

2014-12-07 20.14.08This year, in spite of the cold* that arrived during the early hours of Christmas Eve (and still lingers), I decided to approach things  a bit differently.

I suspect I get into the habit of thinking Christmas Day is the end of it, perhaps dribbling a little into Boxing Day.  But if we have spent all of Advent waiting, surely there must be time to reflect on the fact that Christ has come – and that Christmas is more than just one day.

Call it the 12 days of Christmas if you like,or whatever tradition you hold.  But if we’re going to observe Advent, surely there should be some observance of Christmas, beyond that one day, after which we all collapse and have a needed nap?

So, instead of eyeing the Christmas tree as something ‘nearly over’ and a job that will need doing, this year I’ve tried to nurture Christmas; to continue playing the occasional carol; to light candles and contemplate in a way I would not usually do – in my hurry to ‘face up’ to bleak January and the mere idea of February (brrr).

I whisper to myself – it’s still Christmas. Don’t rush to pack it away. You don’t have to squeeze it into 24 hours of exhausting activity and then feel like you’ve ‘missed it’.

Christmas is more than just one day.

That’s what I think, anyway.

  • as in cough, cough, sneeze, etc.

6 thoughts on “it’s (still) Christmas

  1. Nancy Wallace says:

    I’m with you on this – today is only the 7th day of Christmas. In the Anglican and Roman Catholic church it is the Christmas season until that gives way to the Epiphany season starting on 6 January. In our house we take down the Christmas decorations on 6 January, but in some places they are left up until 22 January or even until just before Lent. It takes more than 1 day to start to grasp the significance of that birth in Bethlehem.


  2. clareweiner says:

    Absolutely with you, Lucy and actually managed to persuade vicar and organist to chance the hymns so we sang nice Christmassy ones yesterday! Sad when Christians, even, close Christmas down after Boxing Day with sighs of relief…though now is pretty much 12th night must stir myself to take down the ‘flummery’ (decorations & cards) hope to carry that ‘lights shines in the darkness & the darkness doesn’t overcome it’ forwards into the year. (Did you post this on ACW? I found it via LinkedIn)


    • Lucy Mills says:

      Yes…my ‘flummery’ (great word) is being taken down now but I hope to carry the positivity of that light with me.

      (I don’t post many blog posts to ACW specifically…perhaps I should!)


  3. Pat Marsh says:

    Absolutely agree with you Lucy. Whenever people say (as they often do) “We’ll that’s it – all over for another year”, it’s actually a great opportunity to start a conversation along the lines of, “Well, if you understand the significance of Christmas, it’s not all over at all . . .”. I agree … we definitely should not rush on – continued reflection can be hugely fruitful.
    Good to stumble across your blog xx


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