radiant … #pauseforAdvent

We come, lifting stained hearts
and hands with dirty fingernails;
our minds dimmed,
fogged with helplessness.

But your light is unafraid
of darkness; it cannot be stifled,
stamped upon or cancelled.
It cannot be contained,
restrained, or negated.

Your light sears through blackness
and dissolves shadows,
and is not baffled by obscurity.
The darkness cannot conquer it,
master it, or tame it.

Your light will not be pigeon-holed,
patronised, or cowed by cynicism.
It refuses to be restricted
or made to fit one shape only.
There is nothing it cannot distinguish.

Your light radiates both love
and fearlessness: uncompromisingly
strong, yet infinitely tender.
Nothing can block, or beat
your version of light speed.

So, light of our hearts,
speed on.
Light of our minds,
renew us and transform.
Light of our hands,
heal the condition of the world.

Embed from Getty Images

Taken from Shine: poems and prayers

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