re-creating God … #pauseforAdvent

it all seems too big for us
the pain, the darkness
the suffering, the brokenness;
we cannot imagine
how to stitch it back together,
repair the gaping rifts,
smooth the jagged edges.

we cannot see a way
to make any sort of difference,
our prayers feel stunted, inadequate.
Face to face with
livid scars on human hearts,
lives torn apart, leaving
hope a mere shell, liable
to break at any moment.

O God, we come,
our shoulders slumped,
our faith miserably small,
asking you to intervene
and change everything.
For you do not merely mend;
you re-create –
bringing life from death,
light from darkness.

We long to see
your fingers, so deftly
re-weaving the broken seams
breathing love into lovelessness,
transforming, bringing
hope into hopelessness
new morning where
the day has long been over.


Taken from Shine: poems and prayers

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