preparing…for Advent?

My Novembers are busy these days. They bleed into December, and before I know it, the month is well under way.

Advent is a time of preparation, of remembering the coming of Christ, of hoping for his return.

Often I forget about it until I’m already in it.

Do I now need to prepare myself for Advent – to prepare for the preparation?

Christmas has been in the shops for a while. We’re used to grumbling about it: too soon, too soon.

But perhaps I need to use this to think – to remind myself – it will come more quickly than I think.

Have I made room – room to prepare, to reflect, to remember? Not to write cards, decorate the house, go this or that party, buy and wrap presents but to take a breath, inhale a moment of stillness and say:

I will remember, here in the madness of my world, the God who came and lived among us.

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How much have you already scheduled in for December? Have you made space for a different kind of preparation?

Comments welcome!

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