indignant muppets and general busyness

2012-04-26-14-45-39My blogging frequency is a little slow…never mind.

But I am alive. I have come down with a cold, however, which inevitably goes to my sinuses.

Every now and then, I scrunch up my face like a confused Kermit the Frog, or like any indignant muppet, in fact. My husband said last night, “Now that’s an attractive expression.”

The word sarcasm comes to mind.

Met with Magnet editors this past week – always very positive but intense. I have to remind myself I need a few days to recover, otherwise I panic that I’ll never get everything done that I’ve noted to do. (I’m not sure that sentence makes sense, but blame my sinuses.)

Am a wee bit behind with NaNoWriMo but I’ve been in far worse positions in previous attempts and still made it. Have discovered that listening to music through headphones – rather than having it playing in the room – is quite helpful at focussing me on the fictional world for a few hundred words or so.

When I have something profound to say, hopefully I’ll come back and say it.

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