each day is its own

It’s been one of those days where I’ve struggled to do anything constructive at all. You know those? Yesterday was quite a good day – I did some future planning with a coffee in hand and felt quite positive after a morning’s work. I replied to some emails. I did some prep for Sunday. I tidied up an article I wrote a couple of weeks ago.  And then I had a nice evening out with friends.

Today – my goodness, I’ve been slow.

However, two magazines popped through my letter box, reminding me that I do get things done occasionally – one was the latest Christian Writer, which is the members’ magazine for the Association of Christian Writers, and one was the latest Christianity magazine.

My writing features in both – you can read the Christianity piece online – looking at the value of spiritual disciplines in a technological age.

The other piece was a Finding Inspiration column in which I extol the virtues of rest – and how this can help writers.

I’m beginning to think rest is a spiritual discipline these days. We rarely understand what true rest looks and feels like and even more rarely discipline ourselves to practise it.

Plus I discovered this lovely review of Forgetful Heart just at the moment I was feeling most useless – so that gave me a lift!

Each day comes with its own challenges, its own light and shade. There’s no point comparing them to one another…

Comments welcome!

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