guinea pigs and gluten (free)

I should say right now the guinea pigs are not free and they are not for sale – they belong to us!

Voila, Frodo and Chewbacca:

Frodo and Chewy

We chose a name each. I chose Frodo and hubby chose Chewbacca (aka Chewy). Hubby’s first choice was Agamemnon but I vetoed that – trying to say ‘hello Agamemnon’ before my morning coffee wasn’t going to work, and ‘Aga’ didn’t take my fancy this time!

I’m aware that many of my current blog readers may not want to be bombarded with piggy pics – so I’ve set up another blog where I’ll add pictures when I fancy doing so.  So guinea pig lovers are welcome to follow me there. (I can’t guarantee I’ll never mention them on this blog!) Here tis: Gorgeous Guinea Pigs


2014-08-07 11.04.11And what about gluten? No, my guinea pigs don’t have gluten free food, but I have a friend staying overnight and she needs a gluten free diet. I attempted to make gluten free cupcakes this morning.  I used self raising gluten free flour instead of wheat flour, and did my usual quantities (2 eggs, 4oz each marg, flour, sugar) but added a couple of dessert spoons of lemon juice and a dessert spoon of almond milk – I’d read that you may need more liquid for gluten free.  And, hurrah – they actually taste OK!

Thus endeth this domestic post. Having a bit of an August lull, which is very necessary! Taking some time to tidy and organise the house (in manageable chunks) so that I’m ‘ready to go’ again in September. Apologies for blog silence…


Comments welcome!

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