digital communication…in a watching world

Another linked piece:

This time I’m writing for the DLT online magazine, reflecting on the Archbishop’s recent comments about how instant reaction has replaced reflective comment:

A sound bite can be helpful. However, if we dislocate it from its context at best it is limited, at worst misunderstood.  We need to take time to investigate before we respond.  An instant reaction to an instant reaction can become like Chinese whispers. We operate on hearsay. If we’re not careful we can end up arguing against something that was never said – worse, hurting people along the way. Let’s be less reflexive and more reflective. (Oh, wait – is that a sound bite?!)

I need to ask myself – what am I retweeting?  Is this quote accurate or misleading?  Am I providing resources for people to track back to the source and read for themselves?

Am I using the right medium for this topic?  Do I even know what I’m talking about?  If we aren’t well informed, our memories of an event or conversation will be distorted or false – and judgements based on such false memories cannot help but be unfair.

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