I have returned from my two weeks of silence.

Well – all right, my blog has been silent. Words have been spilling out of my mouth, as usual. Whether they were worthwhile, who knows? (And what a lot of doubleyoos.)

You missed me, right?!

I have a rather long to do list and am trying to jump start my brain so I can be all inspiring and whatnot.

In the meantime, you can read my recent piece for the Baptist Times here: Confessions of a Forgetful Heart. Bet you can’t guess what that’s about.

So.  How’s tricks?

6 thoughts on “rebooting…

  1. Andrea says:

    I’ve had two weeks on Lindisfarne. Your book was packed. Unpacked. Bookmark inserted. Placed at side of bed. Repacked. I will start it soon…

    (which I half expected!)


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