Forgetful Heart is here…!

Sort of. I haven’t got one yet!

Today is the day when Forgetful Heart is released! You can buy it direct from DLT here, but it’s also available to buy on Amazon and a host of other places (see some links on this page).

The books were due to arrive in the warehouse the latter part of last week, but being a Bank Holiday week things may have got a wee bit delayed. However, I am waiting for the doorbell to ring. It’s already done so once. My husband had ordered a football (note to self: ask husband why he ordered a football). So, we shall see if I get any copies today. Since I have an event that involves book signing on Thursday it feels a little close for comfort, but will be serene, peaceful and…

Sneezy. Am fighting off a nasty cold and hoping it doesn’t develop into flu (which has clobbered my husband for the past week). Propped in bed typing on Tiny (aka my netbook); scrunching up my sinuses (well perhaps not literally) and doing battle with the germ-meister (which ever one it is). That’s a lot of parentheses but you’ll have to blame said germ-meister for any incoherency.

Back to the book – those of you who’ve asked about digital downloads will be pleased to know it’s available to download as an ebook NOW – on Kindle (UK) certainly and I have seen it listed on Kobo (although I’ve not checked its status on Kobo today). If you find it anywhere do leave a comment – unfortunately my sore sinuses and throat prevent me from doing much except waffle in this text box – which will hopefully become a blog post, if I remember to click ‘publish’.

Forgetful, moi?

Thank you to everyone who has supported me through this process! There are names missing from the acknowledgements because some encouragers have been recent additions to my life (post acknowledgement writing!) – but I’m grateful to all of you.


PS I’ll be back later with the Monday Blog Tour…

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