sprinkles of spring

Today I went for a sunny walk to the garden centre, across the fields. I had an Americano in the coffee shop and then wandered around the plants, gazing at the colours of the flowers and relishing the warmth of the sun.

I bought a little pot of dwarf irises to take home with me. They were so pretty and cost less than a piece of cake. I then returned across the fields and down the footpath back to our road, glimpsing these lovelies in the neighbouring park:

(Phone camera, hence not great quality. But look at ’em glow!)

On my return I had lunch and then went into the garden to find a nice terracotta pot for my irises. I’d caught the bug by then, and proceeded to rummage around the shed, find my secateurs in the garage (no gardening gloves to be seen, but that’s OK – I bought some of those at the same time as my irises).

The shed houses bits leftover from the previous tenants as well as things we put in there on our arrival – so I do need to clear it out at some point, if only to work out just how rotten the floor is at the back! We appear to have a toy JCB digger. I decided to be bold and throw out the large pink teapot with no lid. It looked a bit like a fish bowl with a spout. Also found a rugby ball, small football, several bags of old compost, gravel, rather rusty swing ball, hanging baskets, more plastic toys, other unidentifiable objects and some tacky glue. Have not reached the cupboard at the back yet. It is only a standard sized shed, I assure you!

As I wandered the garden (choosing not to spend all afternoon in the shed – will save that for a day when I’ve planned a time for it) I was mainly assessing what needed doing as much as anything.

Too warm for a coat. I had two butterfly encounters. Spring! Spring! Sprinkles of spring. Primroses are pushing up everywhere (love them), daffodils are breaking into bloom…

There don’t seem to be snowdrops in this garden. Tsk.

Just as well I brought some with us!

2 thoughts on “sprinkles of spring

  1. promisepainter says:

    lovely to see your picture of daffodills. Currently living overseas, on the island of Cyprus, which is very beautiful, and conveniently situated for the Middle East, but has no daffodils… may have to paint some of my own.


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