on finding my new best friend…

…sounds a bit traumatic, doesn’t it? Relax, it’s a metaphor.

In the back of my mind, for some months, I’ve been pondering my next big writing project. It’s strange when you’ve worked on something for so long. I fell in love with Forgetful Heart, and that’s how I was able to write it.  It was like my best friend in the world of writing projects. I enjoyed time spent with it, was energised by it. Can this be repeated? For a while, I wasn’t sure.

I had an idea, way back before I finished Forgetful Heart. I’ll be very original and call this Idea Number One.  I liked Idea Number One. It seemed interesting, and had a lot of scope to it. Plus, it seemed quite relevant.

Idea Number Two popped up fairly recently, when I was struggling to find my passion for Idea Number One. It was an emotive topic – personal, again relevant but in a different way.

So why couldn’t I enthuse myself?

“Which should I write?” I asked my husband.
“Both,” he replied.
I sighed. “But which one first?”

During February my mind has been quite…mush-like, so I’ve not grappled with it much.
And then, another idea hissed into my mind.

Shoo. I already have two to choose from. Why are you here, anyway?

Look at me, it trilled. Look – go on, take a peek. 

I looked at it, reluctantly. OK…

Admit it, I interest you, don’t I?

Hmmm. What to do?

Look at my potential. See all these tangents and subtopics and if you look at the bigger picture you could even…


(smug) Quite.

I’m still not sure, but Idea Number Three (how did you know it was called that?) is showing some muscle. It’s persuasive and intriguing and fascinating. It would involve research, reflection, exploration and discovery. Is it marketable? Who knows. I know, in order to write it, I need to be passionate about it. I need to want it for its own sake.

Can I fall in love again? Is this my ‘new best friend’?

We’ll see. All is seed-like, for now.

And right now, I have to pay attention to my-still-current best friend of a manuscript – which has now taken the form of proofs and looks more bookish every day.

I’ll let the ideas grow for now…and enjoy the blooming of Forgetful Heart.

4 thoughts on “on finding my new best friend…

  1. Rosalie Squires says:

    I was going to suggest, can’t you throw the two ides into a melting pot together and see what sort of hybrid appears or what sparks fly off their bumping together but then read on and it sounds like number three already has that sort of potential within itself. Good luck!


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