finding the right hiding place

From the end of the earth I call to you, when my heart is faint. Lead me to the rock that is higher than I…
Psalm 61:2

We like escaping.  We need to escape, sometimes, when life gets far too much. We need places to recharge and to heal.

But do we choose the right hiding places?

Often we think we’re resting, when all we’re doing is distracting ourselves. We need more and more distraction to cover up what we’re feeling. Anxiety builds; it doesn’t lessen.

Where do we hide? With what do we choose to escape? Do we escape into food? Computer games? Film? TV? Facebook? Note that these aren’t necessarily bad in themselves, but do we make them placebos for the real thing – real rest, real comfort, real protection?

What are our addictions? We could name some of the more obvious – drink, drugs, porn… But the reality is we can get addicted to a whole variety of things. These things become our hiding places, our way of distracting us – from ourselves.

I’m challenged – how often to go to the true hiding place, the safe shelter? The place where I am known fully and still loved, still treasured? Or do I fritter away my time on other things, distractions, addictions, whatever they may be – ignoring my need? Ignoring my longing because I can’t face myself. We are often threatened by solitude. Solitude means we come face to face with how we truly feel. No wonder it’s a spiritual discipline. But we need, sometimes, to lay ourselves down – in all our ugliness, fears and desires – and curl up in the safest place of all.

Lord, when I need to escape…help me come to you first.

This is one of my favourite songs, by Lou Fellingham. Enjoy…

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