the small pleasures of doors

before decorations came down…ahhh

DOMESTIC DAY. Dismantled tree and tackled the jigsaw-like experience of putting Christmas decorations back in boxes. Washed kitchen floor. In between, did a few editing tasks and raised eyebrows at various weathers (windy, rainy-windy, hailstorm etc). My eyebrows. I’m not responsible for other people’s eyebrows (sorry to disappoint).

Am now upstairs while a deacons’ meeting is going on in the lounge. This is quite exciting. In the nearly-10 years my husband has been in ministry, we’ve never had a deacons’ meeting in our house before – chiefly because our old house didn’t really suit the purpose. The parking was awkward, but more to the point, the downstairs rooms all led into one another – porch to the lounge, lounge to dining room, dining room to kitchen. The stairs were in the lounge, so frankly, if I needed to visit the loo, everyone heard me come out of whatever upstairs room I was in – to go to the bathroom.

This was not a problem as they simply met in a deacon’s home or (newly designed) church building. 

However, here we have a hallway.  And a door to the lounge! And I can get to the kitchen without walking through said lounge! And here I am upstairs and no one can hear me if I go to the loo (hurrah!) and I can’t hear them either.

Ah, small pleasures.

So I got to indulge my minister’s wife-ish-ness and make drinks for the deacons this evening before scurrying up here to waffle on to the world about the delights of hallways and doors.

I’m sure this is incredibly interesting for you.

No, really.

Isn’t it?

9 thoughts on “the small pleasures of doors

  1. Fran says:

    I identify with this. It’s great having a house with independent rooms – we didn’t until 5 years ago and it makes a lot of difference. So, yes, I am interested!


  2. angalmond says:

    I can never understand why churches don’t think about these things when they purchase a Manse. So grateful to the folk here who actually listened and made sure our home was ‘fit for purpose’


    • Lucy Mills says:

      To be fair, it didn’t matter so much as there were other places fit for the purpose – not least the church buildings, which were ‘upgraded’ while we were there. But yes, your point is a valid one. There are simple things which make a huge difference.

      I forgot to mention – we also now have a downstairs loo 🙂


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