on taking stock and drawing lines

There’s not much point opening the curtain of my office window (perhaps I shall be daring this year and call it a study – can studies have turquoise walls?). The light is so dull outside I need both desk lamp and main light on anyway.

New Year’s Day, and the weather is in a seriously bad mood.  Wind – gusty, bellowing. Rain – going wherever the wind sees fit to take it. Lots of it. Am slurping coffee to try and get ready for the year.

Weird, isn’t it – we like to draw lines.  This line happens to be drawn under 31st December every year.  Really, today isn’t much different from yesterday. I’m not being gloomy, just remarking on our quirkiness. (The weather is taking up most of the gloom quota, anyway).

We do like to draw lines, don’t we? To mark endings and beginnings. Some things we don’t want to end; some things we wish ended long ago. But we like the idea of a ‘fresh start’. We get to shake of the old stuff – in our minds if nothing else. Close the door on the old, focus on the future. We carry the past with us, but now it can drive us forward and not drag us back.

I didn’t do much blogging in 2013. I intend this to do more this year, not as a ‘resolution’ as such – am a bit leery of resolutions – but just because I think it would be good to do so. The last few months have been great in many ways but very ‘full’ of things – moving house, settling in, editing Magnet and Christmas. All in a very condensed slot, which made each thing feel that tiny bit bigger.

Writing? Hardly got a look in during the last couple of months. Today, in the luxurious laziness of a Bank Holiday, I’ve been perusing the last two copies of Writing Magazine. I subscribe, but I’ve hardly had the chance to look at either November or December issues. Partly time, partly energy, partly because there has been no room inside my head and writing has felt beyond me – even thinking about it. The January issue will shortly arrive (if it hasn’t done already and I’ve missed it in busyness – must check under coffee table).

Bit belated, my perusing. Ooh! That competition looks fun – ah, deadline is tomorrow. My writing juices are beginning to seep through again but not that fast. Plus, I go back to editing work after this. Once January is over I get a breather and perhaps I can be a writer for a while.  I love editing – the buzz and the satisfaction of it – but I need to spend time nurturing the writer. Editing is interesting, fun and collaborative. Writing is…vocation, as far as I see it.

Plus, I need to feel writerly again before the book comes out – eep! Forgetful Heart is currently with a copy editor. The timings have worked out very well; there could so easily have been clashes with moving house and editing Magnet, but there’s been a helpful ebb and flow of things.

Anyway. More blogging would be good for me – I wouldn’t deign to speak for you! – but I mustn’t go into to full-blown waffle mode…

Happy New Year.

4 thoughts on “on taking stock and drawing lines

    • Lucy Mills says:

      Hi Sue – yes, we find different things helpful at different times… I think I need to get the writing going by writing more regularly in a less pressured way – hopefully blogging is a way of doing this!


  1. 20angel13 says:

    You are so right about the lines Lucy. Somehow we need them. All the very best for your writing year – blogging and other projects. Looking forward to seeing Forgetful Heart when it comes out. Exciting!


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