SHINE: now on a Kindle near you

Stop press – I have a new collection of poems and prayers out on Kindle!

shine cover

The cover uses a beautiful picture by Stushie over at, who has kindly agreed to its use on this anthology (thanks so much, John!).

For ages I’ve wanted to produce an anthology to raise money for Tearfund’s work in the Democratic Replublic of Congo.  Several times something has been in the running but time or resources have failed me.  So, rather than sitting on my hands and waiting until the ideal moment, I’ve decided to release this as an ebook for now.*  I appreciate there will be those wishing it was in actual print – I’m sorry. This is what I can manage for now, and I believe in doing the thing you can do at the time!  Who knows where this will go in the future, anyway?

So, what is Shine? Shine is a collection of poems and of prayers focusing on the light of God coming into the world.  Many of the poems touch on themes of Advent and Christmas, which is why I’m releasing it now.

All funds raised will go towards Tearfund’s work in the DRC.** Downloading the ebook costs £3.90, which is a higher price than my other anthologies, but I’m hoping people will not mind paying that little bit more for such a good cause. Here’s some of what Tearfund says about money sent to this appeal:

Your donations will enable us to continue projects that are rebuilding lives, giving people practical aid and training to overcome hardship and poverty. In the process, we’re helping people unlock their potential, giving them dignity and hope. By donating, you’ll not only enable us to provide basic everyday household items for displaced families, but also to invest in their future by helping them restart livelihoods, giving them new skills and improving their access to water and sanitation. Your support will enable us to provide medical care and trauma therapy to women who have been raped. Training will also mean that members of the local church will be able to bring immediate and tangible support to their communities.  See more here.

So please, even if you’re not into poetry or prayers, perhaps for a good cause…?

You never know, you may like it!

Did you know that if you don’t own a Kindle you can install a free Kindle reading app? Click here to get one.

** UPDATE Previously I only guaranteed to raise money via the UK site, but has changed its threshold rules so I can now raise money this way too! Yippee!

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