filter mode

My blogging is even more sporadic than normal at the moment, it seems.  I logged in to find I had 1,446 comments in my Spam folder.  Eek! Usually I run my eye over them in case a genuine comment has been relegated but I’m afraid this was impossible. I emptied it and WordPress had a minor wobble and then righted itself (thankfully the comment moderation is so good that I’m not worried too much about missing something!).

It felt a bit like some of the stacks of paper/leaflets/assorted bits in some of my office boxes, which I am trying desperately to sort. Alas, I am not as good at WordPress at sorting spam from non-spam. Although I do find I’m stricter at this end of moving than I was at packing up.  Where am I going to put this? Oh, well, the recycling bin would do. A slight exaggeration. But when do I ever read my old Gardeners’ World magazines (for example)?

Anyway, my life is currently on filter mode.  Plus I am doing lots of Magnet editing – which is also a kind of filtering, finding the right image for the right piece, the right words for the title etc.

I would love to be able to just lean back and be absorbed into Advent and Christmas.  Alas, I can’t just yet.  Nonetheless, the town’s lights are switched on Friday, and there’s a barbecue in front of the church. Will definitely be there, hatted, scarfed and gloved.  I think I just invented some new verbs.

Never mind, eh?

Comments welcome!

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